Reviews for "Enchanted Path"

Some of the mechanics were a little difficult to figure out. As well as the controls having N/W as up instead of N/E... Also, it was quite enjoyable until the sudden spike in LVL 26.

OK, I'l ask... What is the solution to 26? At this point I am left thinking the solution relies in a concept not well explained? Someone said something about sacrificing. Well, when I sacrifice, It restarts... What am I missing?

MrNannings responds:

Yeah, that one can be confusing even for me. Walk trough https://youtu.be/XxKjao_haZ8?t=7m33s

Level 26 was the only one that stumped me, otherwise it's a fair puzzle game that progressively got more challenging. Although the controls took some getting used to (a better control scheme like a "ASWQ" key combination would have been better for the keyboard), it was very easy to pick up and enjoyable to play through.

I fell and teleported at the same time causing my player to get stuck in air and become a fidget spinner.

The controls are off from what I'd expect from an isometric game, and the difficulty of 26 was insane compared to the other levels. It was fun though, I'd like to see more.

Reminds me a lot of Naya's Quest by Terry Cavanagh! I like the fresh perspective on the mechanics of that game.