Reviews for "Enchanted Path"

This is probably my favorite game of yours. You really shine when you do puzzles, and you seem to unlock your creativity along with it. Since simple square you became an interesting creator, albeit Green Gunner was also great

Pretty fun! I liked it a lot, though the controls could have been handled much better.

I don't know if this is a bug or something but when i chose level from the menu it starts to load then after few seconds white blocky dead face shows up and I can do nothing.

If you can fix this, it will be nice !

That is an annoying pespective because it's always a little dubius where is up or left or right...
Oh wait you can also click to choose directions? didn't realised that, but good to have it.
The puzzles are challenging and creative (sometimes you needed to "cheat" or run to achieve, those were the hardest ones). 29 and 30 were quite easy levels to end the game though.

annoying controls but its great.