Reviews for "Enchanted Path"

Would give a perfect score, if the medals 26 to 30 were not unobtainable. Because other than that, the game had, in my opinion, a perfect balance between challenging and fun. Well done!

holy crap lol idk how i did it but on level 12 my guy just started flipping a million miles an hour
-edit haha i just did it again. i tried to jump from a ledge to the teleporter and he hit his head on it. 5 stars because this is hilarious


That 26th level really was something extra! Eventually had to run through it with just one player too. Is there really another way...? Seems like that one level sapped all the cleverness left for the final ones in one swoop. ;) Overall a thoroughly enjoyable game though, with not too much challenge, and ambient graphics - that slight sway of the brick and nimble movement. Might be my favorite one yet. Nice work.


MrNannings responds:

Thanks! Yes in that level you need to leave 1 behind, it's indeed the hardest.

This game was fun to play.
The bad part about this game is level 26, which is so utterly difficult compared to the other levels. I had to run to the goal after the other ''player'' died. Because I don't instantly lose after one of my ''players'' dies. So I had to exploit to finish level 26. I'll still attempt to finish it properly, even without a guide.

Still a nice puzzle game.