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Reviews for "Stark"

You are so good! what Music software do you use?

PtdGore responds:

Thank you so much
I use Reaper as my main DAW for almost everything, and mostly free Vsti Plugins I find around hehe

i love the bassline that kicks in at about 0:30.
Keep up the good work!

PtdGore responds:

Thank you mate! I'll try my best ¦)

Wow, this just sounds very cool in all meanings! I love it! Very atmospheric!

PtdGore responds:

Thank you man, glad to hear that

love it

Kinda repetitive and short, but not bad at all. I kinda dislike the ending, how it trails off partly, and then completely disappears, but I've had problems with that kinda thing too, so I get it if it was unintentional. I do like that the chiptune sounds are smooth and rigid at the same time though. Keep that up. :)

PtdGore responds:

Thank you man!