Reviews for "Hekapoo Clipset"

more markapoo please

despite any small issues with starting up the animation your drawing of hekapoo is very well done. No randomly disconnected lines smooth movements lovign the flame animation too. Keep up the good work I expect to see more soon!

'Games' like this aren't uncommon though, so don't feel bad about it! I can't say which category's really the best one, but maybe Gadgets? You might be able to look up similar games and see where they were placed, cause it definitely doesn't need to class as Spam.

It's a good set of loops too, though seems to be lacking a real finale, and the navigation buttons aren't really working as they should. They seem to often direct to a blank frame, and then you have to go back to get to the next clip, forward to a blank frame, back to the next one, and so on. Wrong frame references maybe...? Could be good to in some way highlight the buttons too, as they look a bit like the background.

But otherwise: not bad at all! Smooth work.


RelatedGuy responds:

Huh, can you tell me more about the blank frame issue?
I think it may be caused by the fact that I don't pre-load the files in any way, just launch the game immediately. So if you try to switch frames before they are loaded, things will fall apart.

Even if it isn't technically a game, it looks like the start of something great and I would personally love to see more in the future. Nice job man

I quite enjoyed the character, and it's pretty well animated, even though there aren't transitions obviously. Nicely done, interested to see what you do in the future.

Edit: Tumblr link is quickly approaching uselessness

RelatedGuy responds:

Ha! Jokes on you, the link is already useless, that blog got banned half a year ago!