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Reviews for "Rogue Fable III"

I'm... not sure. I've tried it once and made it to the victory in one try. The reasons probably are that I'm familiar with the mechanics and was lucky with drop, but it felt like it's not as difficult as RF2 anyway. The game pace is higher though, and there are more of everything - enemies, skills etc, so it's harder to balance I guess. Can't say I really love the new level-up system with talent levels also. RF2 felt more... relaxed even if more difficult.

Ugh...it won't let me go down the stairs lol

EDIT: Never mind, I got it lol

Another thing I want to point out: Weapons doing less damage than it's supposed to. I'm getting 1-2 points less damage and it's really...REALLY annoying. Fix that.

I really like it! It's kinda like pixel dungeon, but with better music, and dungeons! :D

I'm slightly confused. I'm in a room with four treasure chests in a row after a huge fight with a bunch of enemies and there's no way down. However there is also no indication I've beaten the game.

The mechanics are the Rogue Fable I love, so no complaints there.

edit: Thanks for the help! I don't think the branch is clearly conveyed and I recommend tweaking in the future.

JustinWang123 responds:

That'd be a branch. So the dungeon forks in the middle with 2 branches: Sewers/Arcane and Core/Ice splitting off the main path. You've got to back track to the main dungeon path. Future plans will be to have a portal down there to save you the trip back up.