Reviews for "Archaic Asylum"

Not bad, the music did get on my nerves quite a bit though.

Not my cup of tea, but well made nevertheless.

Too much point and click in places, but overall, it was good

short but sweet... was a little mifted at the end but figured out what was goin on. doesnt hurt to change things up once in a while. reaper was a little mmm goofy. lol

Not bad. The game was a decent play, but it wasn't spectacular. Decent art, seems like some re-used assets here and there, but nothing that took me out of the experience. I'm not a huge fan of the super precise hiding spots for the gold key (I scanned that room so many times with my mouse) and the eye in the wall (a very light green on negative hues is pretty difficult to see imo). Also just a lot of ghosts in this one, to the point I only accidentally found the store because I thought it was an enemy.