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Reviews for "Archaic Asylum"

Awesome! I beat it! :)

It was fun and entertaining the music really helps getting you into the haunted asylum atmosphere.
Small bug I found:
I used the mystic knife to kill the first green ghost, but the text said that I had used the sacred cross, and viceversa, it didn't affect the game, but when it happened, I had some doubts about going any further only to find that I would need an item that I no longer had, I'm glad that I didn't drop the game at the time.

Fun :)
I recommend trying to get into photo editing and 3D software so you can make your own environments. Will take more take but very much worth it.

The Eyes of Ragnar section at the end was pretty cool, I liked the item design.

Thanks for letting us free loaders play this game. It may very well lead to me supporting the website. I enjoyed the puzzles and the exploring. I loved the blue essence at the end. So why not a 5? The music becomes quite monotonous. Also, if one has to look closely for an item; I'd love a zoom feature. Going from a click in a big area to minutely searching every "pixel" drives my eyesight or at least me crazy.