Reviews for "Archaic Asylum"

It was fun and entertaining the music really helps getting you into the haunted asylum atmosphere.
Small bug I found:
I used the mystic knife to kill the first green ghost, but the text said that I had used the sacred cross, and viceversa, it didn't affect the game, but when it happened, I had some doubts about going any further only to find that I would need an item that I no longer had, I'm glad that I didn't drop the game at the time.

Good game. I got some Kingdom Hearts vibes from reading the book about dispelling the darkness and a hero with a key.

Not as good as the previous one, but that doesn't make it bad. It's still a great game, with the same charms as the other one, however the previous one was a bit more difficult and that made it better in my opinion. Still another great game though, and I had a blast playing it.

Not bad. The game was a decent play, but it wasn't spectacular. Decent art, seems like some re-used assets here and there, but nothing that took me out of the experience. I'm not a huge fan of the super precise hiding spots for the gold key (I scanned that room so many times with my mouse) and the eye in the wall (a very light green on negative hues is pretty difficult to see imo). Also just a lot of ghosts in this one, to the point I only accidentally found the store because I thought it was an enemy.

Love these games -- but received some severe spam when I clicked on the book (after collecting) to open it. Anyone else?