Reviews for "Neverescape"

cool concept i really this is a great time killer

At 1st i didn't understand: It seemed left-click didn't do anything until I figured out that I had to keep it pressed longer to punch/fight.

Neat concept, love the pixelated style and most of all the "play-rhythm": Short fights with all the time we want to prepare ourselves between each room.

Would be really cool if we could also custom assign the keys, mostly because "9" takes too much time to reach in the middle of a fight... or is that on purpose?

Why not displaying how much money we collected so far? And is 50 the highest level or can we get to level 100?

What the hell? The boss on the 10th stage always had a sniper rifle, but now he had a fricking rocket launcher?! I died in one single hit! My weapons can't even reach him while the boss can shoot at me from across the room. This is getting too repetive/tedious.

this is a really great game. it might even make it to conssole if you want it to and if you work hard enough.

Like it dude, Great this game exist! Because its fun that i worked with my partner or parents Thank you,Neroun!