Reviews for "Neverescape"

Not Bad but some improvement is needed.

I enjoy the overall vibe. Loved the changing wallpaper in your cell. Feels oldschool. Its a breath of fresh air of all the repetetive .io clones we see nowdays.

Levels are a bit too repetetive. Maybe add some platforms or the gap between boseses should be 5 levels - right now is a tad boring between each 10 levels. Im not sure if the medals worked - might be prudent to double check.

Overall solid game man. Loved the idea. Keep at it!

Very Good!

I have a lot of problems that other people have and that is artificial difficulty, no checkpoints, and not being able to upgrade in game. Just wanted to share that this is an issue with more than a couple people.

The game freezes if you're attacked after being killed.

Got stuck after killing the 50th floor boss. The door didn't open on purpose or was it a bug?

Neroun responds:

When I tested the game the doors opened :/