Reviews for "Neverescape"

i cant even get past the first boss! XD

its really good and i would recommend but it gets a little boring

gta 6 confirmed

Great game dude.

Neroun responds:

Thanks dude

This game was my first game to review, and it was good! I didn't get too far in, but from what I saw, it definitely surprised me. There were bosses, stages, levels, and even a store. Overall, this game was pretty good, but I think there is areas that can be improved upon. First, the in-game store is lacking, and could use more inventory, this means you should add more stuff. Second, I think there should be unique enemies, and not just a bunch of cops, perhaps you can add swat units, or military police, etc. Finally, change the way certain stages look, as having the same background repeat is boring. With a positive experience, and a high score, this game is on the list.