Reviews for "Tactical Weapon Pack"

is good

A very, very, well made game I must admit. The gun designs are spot on, the ragdolling makes it much more challenging, especially on the Defense game mode. The Source sound effects fill me with nostalgia and are just iconic and pleasant to hear. The menu design is very nice and I like the rolling images in the background, however the game gets repetitive over time as there's not too much to the gameplay. Some more systems would be nice, but overall it is a well made game.

Wish I could play it, but after it loads I get a static image of an Oral-B advertisement (Seems to be a video, but it freezes) and it never goes away...

i love it.
but it would be better if I had a multiplayer mode

Jogo muito foda recomendo muito só é um pouci repetitivo...