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Reviews for "Nice Spot"

Whatever just happened. I loved every single smooth second of it

Hopw he found that niceness he was searching for! Imposed by his boredom... the flow of animation's so cool here, and that spontaneous dialog, the transformations during the fall, it all builds up for... what does it really build for? A trip to another dimension? To a higher existential plane? A free fall of good old fashioned fun? Plain death? Whatever it is it was inspiring to follow, even though it all just fades away...


Its so smooth i love it!

I really like the pixel artstyle combined with the music. It looks great! The story was interesting, but I'm not sure what exactly it was trying to convey. It may have just been a fun abstract piece. I mean, itwas definitely about death, but not sure if it was very philosophical. The music was fitting, and it only got more fitting as the movie went on. The ending was minimalist and I liked the way the purple eventually drowned everything else out. II really liked the funny sounds of the characters' textboxes.
Overall a very cool and interesting movie and it looked and sounded great. I was gonnasay the ending was a bit boring, but it was the most fitting way to end it. I guess the meaning is that it's all pointless ofmr something, given how nonchalant the characters are. Given the new aspect of meaning, I think this deserves a 5. Also there's the supposed higher power that doesn't really care about the characters.

Pretty good my dude, love the pixel art!