Reviews for "Ms. Game And Watch (update)"

right click her and click play

Very minus8-esque and i love it, though i'm a stickler for animation and a couple here and there didn't loop/transition quite right. I like the retro with a breath of fresh air kind of stuff, the music combined with the bouncy animation made me honestly think it was minus 8. I don't mean to sound like a know it all, just a huge fan of smooth bouncy animation styles.

I really like this game, but the G&W aspect seems to be kind of lacking. Ignoring the fluid animation (which is better for something like this), the font choices and the lack of shadows hurt the game a bit imo. Apart from that, i feel like giving every loop a cum version would add a lot.

PD: The secret scene was the best by far, you should make another loop or flash just based on that one :P

I found a way to cheat trying to find the secret

Nice animations, though a lot of the poses look a little too similar to minus8's stuff, but it's fine. Sucks that beating it means you have to redo everything to see everything again. Maybe if there was some secret code or button revealed after you beat it. Also wish I had the choice for vaginal as the end reward since anal isn't my thing but that's a personal gripe.