Reviews for "Gravix"

press SHIFT to turn into blue block it will remove red block!

GJ! This is fun! (through I haven't yet managed the level where there's a red bar chasing me)

Sometimes I fell through the walls but thanks to some red blocks outside, I was always able to kill myself and restart the level. So a restart, pause and mute buttons would be welcome. (even if we can unfocus the game to pause, and mute using "mute tab")

edit:sorry, didn't see: Esc pauses the game

It's a pretty good game. Nice visuals, difficult game play, and a very interesting concept. However, it gets pretty frustrating at times when the gravity pulls you one way but you try to make it go in another.

(This has no effect on rating) I would also like to point out that on level 4, I somehow managed to break out of the enclosed space and I was thrust into the abyss.

Is there no music, or my computer just has a problem ? Very good game though !! I love the concept, even if basic, like the design

fun fun fun!