Reviews for "Gravix"

Oh man, this game is quite hard! :D I'm already stuck on the fourth level... It looks really nice though, the level design and all the effects/colors provide a brilliant game design.
The game in general feels really polished and there are no areas which seem to be lacking anything important.
I'd suggest (maybe) improving the controls a bit and make them swifter/smoother so that you can control your cube better and not die as often ^_^

Awesome job! I'd definitely like seeing another nice project by you ;)

Graphics effects are cool, but control seems not to easy to use, maybe it's only my problem, I'm don't know but controls really put me close to rage at level 5.

Also, you forgot to build it as not development build.

Although this concept and a new one for me, I didn’t particularly like it ... Do not be offended, this is just my opinion. The music is wonderful.

GJ! This is fun! (through I haven't yet managed the level where there's a red bar chasing me)

Sometimes I fell through the walls but thanks to some red blocks outside, I was always able to kill myself and restart the level. So a restart, pause and mute buttons would be welcome. (even if we can unfocus the game to pause, and mute using "mute tab")

edit:sorry, didn't see: Esc pauses the game