Reviews for "Gravix"

its ok but really hard


Not bad, for what it is, but not the most inspired idea. I like that you made good use of a physics engine. The feel of the controls is good. The main gimmick is the gravity mechanic. The main thing that would have made the game interesting is level design, which shows promise for the first 6 or so levels. Level 7 is the first level to show a worrying trend of making the player navigate large environments blindly. Simply put, there are too many sections from Level 7 onward where you can't see ahead of you far enough to make a sound judgement on whether it is safe to proceed. I want to know what's coming before I launch myself into the void, dammit!

The gravity mechanic is somewhat interesting, but the levels eventually start to feel unfair. The level designs rarely get more interesting than the standard "World's Hardest Game" style of level where you have to simply avoid moving obstacles. This lack of innovation is why I can't really justify giving Gravix many stars.

It's a pretty good game. Nice visuals, difficult game play, and a very interesting concept. However, it gets pretty frustrating at times when the gravity pulls you one way but you try to make it go in another.

(This has no effect on rating) I would also like to point out that on level 4, I somehow managed to break out of the enclosed space and I was thrust into the abyss.

Interesting game, but you might want to work on the hitboxes for the level. I 'fell' through the floor and couldn't get back in.