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Reviews for "maze of the squirlez"

If you're serious about making this in five minutes, I'm impressed.

I'd like to see what you'd be capable of with effort and time.

horrorboyog responds:

i am

Could use some more gameplay and better ghost movement but its decent.

It's Bad... but here's a half star.

Ok. Thisgame IS bad, but it could be better with some improvments. First, the movement is awful. It would be MUCH better if you made it so you only move one square at a time, I keep hitting the wall by mistake, alsoI like how to must dodge the ghosts. But instead of them randomly appearing, make it so random sqaures start flashing red and then turn red and if you wre standing on that cube while it is red you die. Also the art is bad. Also whats up with the "I see you." at the bottom. It's just kinda weird.