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Reviews for "Xtrullor - Jnana"

What can I say; this track is practically flawless. If i had to nitpick anything it would be the EQing of the drums but I feel you EQed them that way for a reason. Great work either way, very very impressive.

Finally. A new masterpiece :D

This is a revolution of Dubstep. You need more bass drop, XTrullor ;3
And, I like the ending!
Let's talking to the root of the song...
The beginning seems melodic, and wonderful. Oh wait, that's your music style.
I've been waiting until 1:45... the Dubstep begins...
And the ending... who's talking? Is that you? :3
Well done on this music, XTrullor. I have many words to say about this, just like, no words. :)
I feel like I'm in the music universe, that has your song.
Dubstep is life ;3


Just shared link to bro!

He's a big fan!!!

I like the drop

Plz upload on channel :-D

I love your Music lol Fucc GD