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Reviews for "INSIDIOUS a claymation remake"

The amount of work that goes into claymation gives it a 5/5.

dexheartwood responds:

Thanks man i appreciated

Now this was pretty dark. :O Violent. Claymation part's masterful, though the sound bit feels a bit unbalanced. Effects are cinematic and great, but the voices are a bit too low in comparison, or vice versa, so it all comes across a bit too loud. What a savage reinterpretation of this scene though... I need to see the movie.


dexheartwood responds:

Thanks so much man! Yeah is unbalanced, i have to improve a lot from that point of view, it's very hard to made something acceptable with the sound. thanks so much for your comment

Wow I can definitly see the Lee Hardcastle influences there. And honnestly that's pretty good,keep it up maestro !

dexheartwood responds:

Damn this is such a great compliment, thanks so much

Gotta say its pretty good, it does remind me of Robot Chicken

dexheartwood responds:

Wow thanks

huh okay..