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Reviews for "Eggbot vs Zombies"

I love the old flash 2D games when i was youth and good work on the voice acting its render.

The graphics work very well for this kind of game, and the same goes for music and sound effects(although the gunshots feel perhaps too muted). The gameplay itself is very entertaining... but only for about 15 minutes. After that it starts feeling a bit repetitive. The level isn't small enough to feel claustrophobic, but it's still pretty small to be the only level. Having 22 weapons is good and all, but it seems a bit silly to have so many weapons and only two enemy types. Also, the crawlers sometimes get stuck on the ground. The missions would help, but they don't feel like they appear very often and there are only a few variants.

What I would do is:
-Either make the existing level bigger(although I realize this might have significant performance impact) or add more levels(you could make them unlockable with money like weapons are).
-Add more enemy types. Even one or two(take your pick from flying, slow brute and fast) would help.
-Make mission variants and maybe put in a timer for when the next mission appears
-Consider adding in-game achievements.

Eggy responds:

Thank you for the review. They are definitely good suggestions for improving the game.