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Reviews for "Eggbot vs Zombies"

I'm a huge fan of how the spawn points can spawn right on you as you walk by them, doing damage. And doing damage the way this game likes to do damage, ie, spamming it on you practically every frame.

What a stupid design. At least have the spawn points light up or something when it's about to spawn.

That took me a nanosecond to think of. Pretty embarrassing for you, kid.

Also I absolutely LOVE how you can end up in a room with nothing spawning, but need $ to open a door to leave it. Brilliant design!!!!

ooh and the best part is surviving for a REALLY long time and killing a ton of enemies.. to end up getting maybe $50 more than when you only last a short time. great reward scaling!

also weapons don't reload when you're in slow mo.

response: what the hell does sooky mean? it sounds like a weeboo word tbh.

also your rationale on the spawning is bullshit and you know it. just because they START spawning when the timer ends doesn't mean they all just instantly spawn. they spawn over time. which basically means until everything has spawned, crossing a portal is off limits if you want to avoid damage.

it was a design flaw and i called you out on it with zero politeness. and you know what sucks? despite my rude demands, you still have to fix it :)

Eggy responds:

Wow very sarcastic review lol. Nothing is embarrassing to me. After 6 months of work, things start to slip through the cracks. If you have finished a big game, you may understand that one day. Also I can now go and perhaps make some changes.

The spawns always happen at the start when the timer ends, so if you were any good at being a gamer, you would know to avoid the doors during that startup time.

The game is also about money and ammo management as much as run and gun to add some stategy.

Also surprising you played the game a "REALLY long time" for a 1 and a half star game. You'd think you would have quit earlier if it was that bad? Sounds more like you rage quitted in a sooky tantrum when you died.

Thanks for the sarcastic review! 10/10


Eggy responds:

Thank you! glad you love it :D

I like the concept - the way the one level expands and you collect more weapons is really neat and has an interesting way of pressuring you. Certain choke points become advantageous to hold, but because of the missions and doors opening, things stay dynamic and you run around the level quite a lot, especially once you start buying health, ammo, and extra lives.

Negatives? There should be at least another enemy type (flying would be good as it would require the player to aim in more directions.) It's also too easy to get big chunks of money at a time and skip to the best weapon of each type, or just rely on the mystery boxes, whose weapons are powerful even before you buy any of them. The missions are few and far between, so much of the game feels very repetitive. With the amount of guns you can buy quickly superseding the amount of content, there's not much reason to unlock them.

The one level gets kind of old after a while, too. You did a great job designing it and it feels pretty balanced, but there's only so long you can play it before it starts to get stale. It would be cool if there were some areas that cost a ridiculous amount of money to unlock (like $1000.) That way the one level could retain some variety even late into the game. Time bonuses on the missions would also give the player a sense of urgency.

I've noticed a few bugs. You can stand on the leftmost obelisk when the mission comes up and enemies are unable to reach you. Sometimes when teleporting to the top of the level, enemies get stuck inside the floor, and when you restart a game, sometimes your Beretta will start with the amount of ammo as the last gun you equipped in your previous game (one time I actually spawned in an inaccessible area - no idea how that happened.)

Eggy responds:

Thank you Kwing for your detailed reviews they are always really in depth and informative.

if you buy first right and stand on ramp you can't be attacked from behind and thx for responding to last comment.

Eggy responds:

Yeah its good to keep some doors closed sometimes to block off certain ways as a strategy! and no worries.

This came out better than I expected! I think you're getting the hang of that Unity engine and making good use of it's features. Fun little game to keep occupied for awhile and kill some time...and zombies hah! Keep up the good work Eggy, always enjoy your new uploads!