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Reviews for "Eggbot vs Zombies"


VERY nice game. I love it!

Eh... I like the concept of what the game could be, but it's performance is disappointing. It is inconsistent. Not only that, but the accuracy (or inaccuracy) on the guns is a bit overly exaggerated. It's a fun game, but very frustrating when the game doesn't respond. It's very repetitive and there's not really much reason to play this game for more than an hour.

Eggy responds:


It is somehow possible to start the game outside of the first wall, making it unplayable. Zombies can still kill you through walls. Map is a little too small for my taste. The spawn points are annoying, and weapon balance... is a little off
But, you know, instead of b.....g about this i will include my idea for a map. Took me about 10 minutes in illustrator, but i hope it can be useful (and i forgot to add some spawn points)

Eggy responds:

Starting outside the game area is definitely a bizzare glitch, I'm not even sure how thats possible. I'll look into it.

As the game was already approaching 6 months of work I didn't have time to make more maps unfortunately, but perhaps if i make a 2nd one I will make more maps for it. I do like your map idea though it looks cool.

Really good game! The spawn points are kinda annoying.. Everything else seemed great though!