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Reviews for "Eggbot vs Zombies"

I keep coming back to this game, looking for the optimal strategy, but I keep dying before finishing the second challenge, whatever it may be.

Eggy responds:

I recommend going right and saving some money and getting an smg and revive as soon as possible, then making your way left to turn on the levers. From here you can save some money till you get a box weapon and grenades. Should be able to make it to wave 20+ easily once you got a good inventory.

Great game, can't give 5 stars because i don't like how body parts block shots and movement, died so many times because of pile of parts just laying there also these parts slow down game considerably and fire rate of guns drops as well even when zombies run at the same speed. Zombies should have grace period after spawning before attacking you and lower their attack speed or give some invulnerability time after taking damage. Also a bug, revival machine works 1 time after you have used it 3 time in one session and there must be memory leak because game starts to slow down after some play time.

Eggy responds:

Interesting the body parts I was so undecided on. Cause originally it was cool to be able to shoot them around and have things interact with the gun, I guess by doing so it made the game actually harder so I should have removed them being able to hit.

Thanks for the review :)

soooo... i saved up to buy a "trap" expecting one of 2 things, either a platform to get back up and down or a door so zombies don't come down. what i got was rubbish because though it auto killed for while it also seemed to cause a horrendous wave of zombies... rendering the game impossible.

Eggy responds:

To get back up press the levers and turn on the teleporter.

the zombies leftover killed you?

Idk if its just me but the game feels laggy or rather the controles do feel laggy

Very simple concept. However, please make a tutorial to make newcomers familiar with controls besides loading screen. Other than that, amazing!