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Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Evil Bells"

Niiiice... I LOVE IT! HAPPY NEW YEAR dawg! ;D you need a more detailed comment about it? cause' I think I got to say pretty much what I thought about it :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah that's totally fine :D Happy 2017 to you as well, hope all goes well
Your name is AsternFredAnimations but you only have 1 animation, make more bro! :P

i hear your music since 2008 (i think), thanks for sharing it! :D

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man! I hope to have more time to compose music in the future :D

Now that's the right way to finish this year. Awesome, dude, like always.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks! Long time no talk!

Glad to see another holiday song, always enjoy em. No one does em quite like you

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks man :D Glad you like em!

This is totally tubular :D
Thanks for sharing ^ ^
Happy New Year!

Evil-Dog responds:

Tubular is good right? lol
Thanks, coming from you, it means a lot!
Also, you make me feel terrible with your amount of yearly submissions haha fuuuuccccck.