Reviews for "Madness Randomes 3 Collab"

Won't do a list, it's another pretty big collab afterall, here my favorites :

- Tricky for a few ideas of his
- DatSimple, pretty satisfying style at the end
- Dumbellz2, do not know who he is, but i love his scenes alot overall.

the others weren't forcely dissapointing, i was just not attached at the fights in general or the animation skills was too low and choppy to be enjoyable.

kota1337 responds:

give me judge fag

Zapchon responds:

Dumbellz2 is Dachi

Dumbellz2 responds:

Thanks man. I wish I could've tried harder but I was running out of time since I started a month before the due date, which is also when my school started to give me more work. My scene was gonna be different but I had to cut it short and half-ass it with an "eh" ending.

Intro : Unoriginal 0/5
Clip n°1 (Amine): Not funny, ugly & annoying 0/5
Clip n°2 (Trazord): Too short & the box sprite at the end is incoherent (like weapons), but backround & animation are nice 2.5/5
Clip n°3 (Anterdox) : Bullshit & that bad you have a nice animation 0/5
Clip n°4 (Mystery Man) : Too short 3.5/5
Clip n°5 (Madness-Boy) : Wtf is that ?! 0.5/5
Clip n°6 (Amine) : Same review as n°1 -1/5
Clip n°7 (MJorik) : Ugly & unfunny but not too bad 1.5/5
Clip n°8 (JohnyPixel) : Nice animation but ruined by Krinkels's like 2/5
Clip n°9 (Rain) : Original for pirate both, nice animation but the clothes colors have to be rearranged 4/5
Clip n°10 (Dunso) : That it ! It's pure Madness Combat, & it's original, but too short 4.75/5
Clip n°11 (Kote1337) : If I wanted to watched a Krinkels movie I go to his channel 1/5 (because there is violence)
Clip n°12 (Tricky) : Nice animation but ruined by unoriginality 1.5/5
Clip n°13 ([EK]Kiro) : Meh... 1/5
Clip n°14 (AmineCJ) : "Lazy AF" Yeah like you said but if you lazy don't animate 2/5 (nice animation)
Clip n°15 (SmartMonkeyPo & DatSimple) : Seriously ?! You are 2 and you successfully ruined it with inconsistency sprites, shitty transitions & unoriginality, too bad it well animated -5/5
Clip n°16 (oWnOmega) : Same as n°11 but fucking too short 0/5
Clip n°17 (Trazord) : Are you a NPC Wojak ? 1/5 (nice animation)
Clip n°18 (Anterdox) : Same is 17 & too short 0.75/5
Clip n°19 (XxwolfX0) : ... 0/5
Clip n°20 (Koty1337) : Yes ! It's pure Madness Combat spirit but too short 4.25/5
Clip n°21 (Leolion) : Meh... 1/5
Clip n°22 (SmartMonkeyPo) : Unoriginal & short 1.25/5
Clip n°23 (Unknow) : Nice animation but same as n°11 & short 1.25/5
Clip n°24 (Rain) : I prefer the one with pirates, it dumb to use a real picture as backround, but anyway 3.5/5
Clip n°25 ([EK]Kiro) : Same as n°11 1.5/5
Clip n°26 (Mr.Musikant) : Nice sprites but too short & Krinkels's like 1/5
Clip n°27 (SuperSeba645) : Test 0/5
Clip n°28 (Xiestorio) : LooneyToons, why not. But get a better animation & make your own sprites (let Krinkels's like to Krinkels) 2.5/5
Clip n°29 (Mr.Musikant) : Same as n°26 but a bit better 1.5/5
Clip n°30 (aDDqD) : -_- 0/5
Clip n°31 (XxwolfX0) : Krinkels sprites + Roblox = 0/5 (that sad it was well animated)
Clip n°32 (Agressor) : Ruined by unoriginality & too short 0.25/5
Clip n°33 (Mr.Musikant) : Short 2/5
Clip n°34 (Omega17172) : Thumbs down 0/5
Clip n°35 (Agressor) : M:PN1.75 0/5
Clip n°35 (MasterZaba) : Even a autism is more smart to make nice animation than you -0.25/5
Clip n°36 (Mystery Man) : Why you fall on the unoriginality trap ?! Your previous one was nice !! 1/5
Clip n°37 (Zapchon) : Okay, there is PN2, I can accept that, but goddamit put it on a PN2 collab 2.5/5
Clip n°38 ([EK]Kiro & Madness Boy) : [EK]Kiro = Nice animation but ruined on unoriginality, Madness Boy = same as [EK]Kiro but without the nice animation, but not short, both : incoherent sprites 1/5
Clip n°39 (Mr.Musikant) : Nice animation, but ruined by unoriginality & too short 1.75/5
Clip n°40 (Xiestorio) : Same as n°28 but get better sound for the next time 2.5/5
Clip n°41 (oWnOmega) : Unoriginal & short but nice animation 1.75/5
Clip n°42 (MasterZaba) : Merde 0.25/5
Clip n°43 (DumbellZ2) : Hmmm... animation is nice 2/5
Clip n°44 (DatSimple) : Same as n°43 2/5
Clip n°45 (SmartMonkeyPo) : Meh... 0/5
Clip n°46 ([EK]Kiro) : Yuck ! : 0/5
Clip n°47 (AmineCJ) : Better but not enought nice 1.5/5
Clip n°48 (Endik55) : Short 2/5
Clip n°49 (Trazord) : Short + unoriginal = 0/5
Clip n°50 (Omega17172) : Krinkels sprites is bullshit but I like the TF2 idea & too short 2.5/5
Clip n°51 (Wolf) : ??? 2.25/5
Clip n°52 (MJorik) : The only good thing was the end of the clip 1/5
Clip n°53 (Endik55) : Same as n°48 but shitty backround 1.75/5
Music : The first was nice but wtf is going on after ? 2/5
But I'm not surprised when I see who inspired you.

Endik55 responds:

Do you think you can be better?

kota1337 responds:

heh lol
unban kryy :emote:

Zapchon responds:

"Okay, there is PN2, I can accept that, but goddamit put it on a PN2 collab"
Are you fucking serious?
that has to be the most petty critcism I've ever heard.

While I feel a lot of parts could have been cut out, it was a pretty entertaining collab! Love Zapchon's part.

kota1337 responds:


Zapchon responds:


I liked it a lot, some more than others, but overall I didnt felt any of them were lazy hacks. GOOD JOB TO YOU GUYS!