Reviews for "Madness Randomes 3 Collab"

yes! yes!!!
guns! guns and more guns!!!!
I don't know why "INSOMNIAC01" hates this, this movie kicks ass

Meeeeehhhh poor made

Animation is low quality, the movement isn't very smooth, the story isn't here... at all... the enemies are WAY too easy to kill so you have a superman complex making this crap super boring... just stop... I may have been mean, but I was honest about my review... There is nothing to follow... and you have an overpowered God with no weaknesses... I quit watching like a quarter of the way through...

Endik55 responds:

This wasn't about a story, this was a animation showcase project, otherwise known as COLLAB. Next time, put "two and two" together before putting this dumb opinion of yours on the the internet.

kota1337 responds:

heh...kids want history....
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Nice stuff you got here, bros! ;)