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Reviews for "Star Husky"

Cute game, definitely inspired by that launch game that was released like over 10 years ago involving a bunny and bells. Either way, it's worth playing.

Jhomas responds:

You're definitely right about the inspiration! I played that game a looonnggg time ago & felt it was due to make something along the same lines.

Thank you for the review!

too laggy

Jhomas responds:

Thats not good :( If possible could you PM me what you played the game on? It would help me a lot!
1) desktop, chrome
2) iOS, safari

Either way, thank you for the review!

got a bug when the phone appears , i hit the green button and nothing happens so i cant play.

Jhomas responds:

Oh crap! I havn't seen that happen before :(

If you have time could you PM me the answer to these two questions?
1) Which web browser are you using?
2) Was this on a repeat play or your first try?

Thank you, and sorry for you running into a bug!

This is more challenging than I expected! It's visuals and music make it a relaxing sort of challenge, though, which is good. It's a simple game, but I really like it!

Great stuff, easy to learn hard to master. Part of me would like a upgrade system but then you would have to be balance the whole thing or it would be far to easy.