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Reviews for "Star Husky"

Fun anderen beautiful!

The look and feel for this game were so imitative of "Orisinal: Morning Sunshine" by Ferry Halim, that it is offensive. This goes a step beyond "influenced by." If anyone googles "Orisinal: Morning Sunshine" you can see what I mean. Look at: "Starry Night," "Pocketful of Stars," "The Amazing Dare-Dozen," and "Wings over water," as examples. There's nothing so overt that it can be called "stolen," but seriously nothing original. The cute small animal, the way the stars look, the soft tone of the music, the pace of the gameplay, the intentionally peaceful tone, the similar color palette, any of theses things alone wouldn't look so bad. Together they look like a knockoff. Sorry. You get one star because your game functions very well. That took skill to write.

Love it, it's simple yet fun

damn! I hit so hard..

Really cute game! It's fun and relaxing and I love snow AND doggos wow!