Reviews for "An Interstellar Game of Connect the Dots"

When you clear your mind, focus, and drift into a higher plane, this song is what you'll hear. Absolutely beautiful, Cacola. ~S~

@Troloze | The soundtrack was made 2 years ago. He didn't get a chance to upload the track for that many years. The description even says that.

Lmao, after I made a stream of me building a level in geometry dash using this song, I got a copyright claim taht says I used a song called Find Your Heart_synth bass-19968. I only have 27 subs so why are you filing a claim on me of all people?

Cacola responds:

I didnt? and also fuck that? who the fuck's claiming my song as theirs and taking down GD streams? Could you pm me so I can look into this

so many portal 2 vibes i love it so much

This is a beautiful piece of yours. All of it makes me bewildered, but the portion beginning at 22:30 is my favorite part of this track. Old rarely ceases to be gold, and this is no exception.