Reviews for "An Interstellar Game of Connect the Dots"

@Troloze | The soundtrack was made 2 years ago. He didn't get a chance to upload the track for that many years. The description even says that.

i wonder how many years u spent to do such a great song that longs almost a hour :V and i'm surely doing a gd level out of this may i?

Cacola responds:

took about a month actually

I think this song drives you to another reality, a distant universe where everything is differeny from our reality and where you can distort yourself into oblivion and beyond, and I have no idea what I just wrote. I think my body typed this while on trance. What I know is that I like this song a lot and it's really long. I like how your music is really unique, maybe many people think your music is weird but I like it beacuse it's special. And I haven't written any review on your music, I don't know why, but I have listened every song of yours and they make me want to write things like this, but I never do. Anyways maybe this is a little to long (like your songs haha) but yea I just wanted to write something, good luck with future projects if you someday see this. Thanks and goodbye! Sorry for my akward english.

When you clear your mind, focus, and drift into a higher plane, this song is what you'll hear. Absolutely beautiful, Cacola. ~S~

My life is complete.
40min song = Cacola is best.
Good 40min song = Cacola is bestest
Amazing 40min song = Cacola is greatest
5/5 Cacola is greatest.
Opening in the best part tbh.
~Nek <3

Cacola responds:

Haha, this song is so old but I'm glad you liked it.

I've got a MUCH better song I'm working on, and the best part is it's gonna 15 minutes longer ;)