Reviews for "Adult Lisa Simpson and sex machine"

The stomach bulging is disgusting.
Can't understand how that's suppose to be hot.
A normal person should be dead after that.

Good voice actor.
But it doesn't sound like Lisa.

The things she said was also out of character for Lisa.
Lisa Simpson's personality is more "intellectual", introverted, and cautious.
That should have been incorporated into the voice acting.

Other than that,
Lisa's got a nice body and Animations good.

Like the idea just was expecting more. Also the voice did not help much my opinion. Good voice just wrong character for it. Overall animation was fun and simple

Well at least she seemed to enjoy it?

It's a personal opinion, but I find all 'inflation' sickening, and this was a particularly vile one.
Nstat has done some v hot stuff but is more nowadays veering towards bizarre/torture which will
likely lose this fan.

I will not subscribe for such a thing, do something delicate because I can not look at it