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Reviews for "The Empire in the Sky"

This could be used in a Final Fantasy game!

But Final Fantasy stoped being cool long ago. Legend of the Dragoon is really kick ass game with the best graphics I've ever seen for PS1! It should have been on PS2 and Xbox it was so good and thats how good your music is mate! And trust me mate, the music on that game was unbelievably awesome! Plot too! Your game is that kind of matirial and dont let anybody tell you other wise mate!

way cool

it was really easy for me to set up a vison in my mind with this work. and to me thats what music is, a story. great job. keep it up.

Erectronik responds:

Hehehe. I usually have a story or picture in my head whenever I make these types of tracks, for this one, I was thinking of pirates raiding a flying fortress sorta thing XD

Glad you enjoyed this one mate


great music

i don't know why every time i listen to gothic music like this i became happy, maybe it's just because i'm weird, n____n, anyways, great one dude make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

malice mizer!



I love how you did this song keep up the good work :)