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Reviews for "The Empire in the Sky"


sound really evil but kinda like castelvania due to the genre mixing, i think.
pretty cool.

Pretty Nice

I'm not the biggest fan of this genre, but letting bias get in the way of my review would be pointless.

The beat was quite tight, though got overbalanced in a few areas. The main melody was pretty pumpin' and blended pretty well. I couldn't hear much bass, though I heard it in a few key areas, at least.

Overall, a cool, decent submission that is worthy!

Good song

Actually this was a really good song, it sounds a bit castlevania-like.
Good melody's for a creepy castle, really nice how you add an agressive part later in the song.
Good music for a boss battle, well i don't know what i have to say of it further.
Good work, and i 'm looking forward to your other work.
I'll give you a 4/5 ;)

its missing....

that sense of french demonic forces trying to consume my soul you might wanna up the sense of panic and tragedy but this is better thant castlevania(malice mizer ix)

This is ceartainly.. unique..

It seems to trancend many types of music, from goth, to rock to video game, to dance, to industrial... and somehow, this mishmash of elements, is held together.

It truely is amazing piece of work, and I will make sure to say good things about this song on NG Radio!

By the way, this song will be used in Episode 36 of Newgrounds Radio Podcast

If you are interested in hearing your song in the podcast, please check in this weekend at www.newgroundsradio.com

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