Reviews for "Halloween With Ella +18 [NSFW]"

If there's something strange in you neighborhood
Who you gonna call? ghostfucker!

blowjob with cum.

4 things i love from this animation :

1. Title screen has that "Action game" style to it + static fx.
2. somehow my eyes reads the "FleppyFlepster" intro part as "FlippyFlipster"
3. animation is good (although choppy in here)
4. good detail and color (colors kinda bland but perfect)

great one.

what a good way to celebrate Halloween ... go cover a ghost in an ectoplasmic cum .. lmao

Fun times my dude ;) well done! (Musics awesome too; sounds like the piano ghost-man from 'Aardmans stage fright' mini movie XD loved it) I just love animation in general :D