Reviews for "EDDSQUEST"

It's alright, but the settings he goes through seemed to be in the wrong order, and them being static really hurt the overall video. I'd have had edd leave the house virtically down the pathway (Since that was a thing that happened in brodyquest, he didn't just go right the whole time), then had him go through the city scenes, then to Atlantis, then through the zombie stuff, then hell, and have him leaving through a hole in the ground (Like the one in the mummy video, for example), and THEN have him go to space. Pacing/scene order is pretty good after that, so no changes there.
As for the backgrounds, they felt still and lifeless. This worked in brodyquest when adrian was going through a a bunch of photos as a photo, but here, Ed's animated, and the scenes that work best are the ones where the background is also animated, like going though hell, or desmond the moon bear. those ones work really well and show how this could have been far better. Overall, while nice, needs lots more effort in ordering and backgrounds.

Catchy. And I love all of the references. 5/5 stars ;D

His Eddworld keeps on spinning...

Ok this is beautiful