Reviews for "Arcade Defender"

Going to have to give you the bonus points for this although there is one thing which bugs me, and that is when a wave ends you aren't allowed to keep killing the remaining enemies -- you should either be allowed to kill them or they should all auto-die each time a wave ends.

5 stars because you've managed to make a SHMUP with zero lag, nonresponsiveness, or other common issues which plague most SHMUPs, so others definitely could stand to improve their games compared to this much better-programmed SHMUP.

Folks, if your SHMUPs are laggy, pay attention to what this guy did with this game and see there really is no need for it. Perfectly doable without the lag.

TristanMX responds:

Thank you I really appreciate you liked it. I'll grant you guys the keep-shooting on wave finished.

Hey man i really like your game but why in the ever loving hell did you make it so that you have to wait five minutes for an upgrade to become permanent like just getting the money and paying for it wasn't enough and then on top of that i come back an hour later and one of my upgrades is gone, but hey other then that good job on this game can you just please fix these few problems and then this game would be even better.

TristanMX responds:

Lol thanks for your retro... this is a game that monetizes through ads (that's why) and that part of the design was focused for mobile devices. I'm making some adjustments to make this more suitable for Web-based games.

Soon I will upload the new version with those changes.

- Upgrades lost error got a fix, this is pretty technical so I won't detail to much, but for now a reload is forced every time you enter upgrades screen. Your feedback is well appreciated.

Good so far needs more upgrades, like ship health, base damage output and maybe even ship speed. Just upgrading random drops feel like a bad investment on something that might not even show up.

TristanMX responds:

Sure I will put some more upgrades.

Power Ups have a probability to spawn and a duration time, that's why you have to buy upgrades to make the power ups last longer. As you progress with those upgrades you'll notice power ups spawn a little more often. The upgrade doesn't influenciates the spawn, it is just that power ups have a semi-random spawn prob and a cooldown to spawn (non-visible) after you pick them up. This is for balance purposes.

Thanks for your feedback!

Really cool enough, can't find anything bad for a demo game. And it is hard to say about people love tower defense game for that much (if you lose reset to wave 1 but not wave 5 or wave 10 etc----so, if they fail on wave 20, you know they get OOXXoOXXOxooXOXOXOXOXOX.) At least make your demo be more comfortable. With less tower defense game atmosphere.

TristanMX responds:

Noted, will also add a way to continue on a wave after you loose all your lifes.

Thanks for the feedback, it will soon be on googleplay also, don't forget to support me with a download.

Generally it is a very good game, but since you published it here you should adjust one thing. As you stated: just use tokens. That leads to a conclusion that sanctuvex is right and you should adjust the prices for the browser version of the game. Some people will come here for the medals and playing the game on Google Play won't make them unlock it.

Speaking of the medals: it would be good if you made the game check the highest wave reached, so the medals would unlock instantly after loading the game after you will make all the medals work.

Oh, and one last thing I just noticed after buying the first upgrade: remove that dumb timer from this version. There was already one game here that made people wait to be able to do several things in the game and it was terribly received because of that. Forcing people to wait 5 minutes just to be able to buy another upgrade of one type is ridiculous.


I see some improvements and that results in a rise of my score, but I still got some concerns over the gameplay. I see you did not reduce the prices of the upgrades which will make the game a bit grindy. I assume that the different ships have different proprieties and the more expensive ships are stronger? Making them different only in the matter of the look (skins) would be a bit pointless.

One major question: why if I still got the continue tokens and I reach the point at which I get a screen that suggests me to watch an ad for 100 gold if I click on continue button I am still being taken to the menu screen and cannot continue?

And a suggestion: is there any indicator showing how many times I can get hit before getting destroyed? I saw that 2 ships icons on the top right side of the screen, but they never change.

A last question: why every time I enter your game my browser asks me whether I allow it to track my localization?

Just one lastest question: why after I entered the game again all of my bought upgrades just vanished?
I just checked it again: every time I buy an upgrade, leave the game and enter it again the upgrade is gone.

TristanMX responds:

All what you mention are part of the design for mobiles and you are right in one thing, I should make some changes so the game is more enjoyable for its web version. I will lower upgrade cost and remove timer for its web version, and will add an item usable to revive instead of using ads.

Thanks for your feedback.

I'm answering things you pointed that concern all players:

1. Prices are not reduced but probabilities of spawning tokens were increased to a 50% + 1% for each wave you reach.
2. Ship are just skins (as in Jetpack Joyride), in a further release I will include a couple of new upgrades for your ship.
3. The two ships at the top-right are your lives, as in Mario Bros. You have 3 changes each time you play, to use each life you pay with a life-token. If you die you can continue playing using your extra life.
4. The game is an advergame that uses your GPS to detect if you are visiting a restaurant called "Arcade Food & Gamers", if you play from there you will have a Tokens X2 Bonus. In the web version this is pointless, so just don't mind it. It will be costly to remove that functionality right now.
5. Save problem was a bug, thanks for reporting, it's already corrected and published. Upgrades should now be ok.