Reviews for "Arcade Defender"

GJ, fun time waster.
Is there a pause button? I cannot seem to find it . (Do not want to continue from highest level nor restart from 1)

PS: Also the new 'coin collector ship' looks similar to some bullets (approx same size and colour) - for these reasons, I preferred the old one.

Edit: Thanks for reply but "P" does not work for me - just rechecked. :/

TristanMX responds:

For pausing the game press "P", that's it... sorry I didn't mentioned.

And I agree about the Coin Sentry, it is hard to distinguish the new design from the bullets, will adjust.

Thanks for playing!! Complains and oppinios are welcome, just send me a PM whenever you feel like it is needed.

This was amazing! Keep up the great work! My only complaint was I couldn't go full screen, but other than that, this game was amazing.

TristanMX responds:

Thanks! Will soon be on googleplay, I'll add the full screen feature for the web version with no prob. Thanks for playing!

UPDATE- Fullscreen button added. =D

very challenging and fun it is suitable for all ages and it really does remind me of when i played games like this as a kid...good times

TristanMX responds:

It's great I could make you recall those memories... I also loved atari and arcade's shooter games... Galaga, galaxian, asteroids where my inspirations for this.

Aren't the little ships on screen supposed to disappear when I lose life? Also the music is good and the game play is over abysmal but over all good game. I see that this will be a good game.

Conform. (@_@)

TristanMX responds:

Those little ships are your extra lifes, you use them when you die by spending life-tokens, that's when they disappear. The spinning blue shields are your HP.

It's great you liked it, don't forget to support me sharing the game with your friends and voting on P-Bots monthly games, a follow on twitter is welcomed also. :)

Old school I like it

TristanMX responds:

Completely inspired on Galaga with a twist of bullet hell btw.... it's great you like it, it will be on googleplay in a couple of weeks.