Reviews for "Linkle: I'm no longer a farm girl [interactive]"

Art is great, animation is smooth, and the voice acting is pretty good! I absolutely loved this although I would've loved to see more than fellatio. Your work never fails to impress and I can't wait for the next one!

Smooth anims, great art, and pretty neat voice acting. Only with the framerate were smoother.

Horrible voice acting.

-Very nice animation at the beginning; it grabs the 'Zelda' style pretty damn well and I am honestly impressed with it.
-Most of the sound effects, while standard, is good enough to not be distracting and really added to the final scene.
-The voice actresses' sound effects are good as well, and again really peaked at the final scene.
-The mute/unmute button having the audio fade in and out. It's a small detail and I only found that out because I had to reload the game a few times to check things through but it's a nice touch to not just blare out the audience's ears right away.

-Speaking of the voice actress, whether it was directing, her own take on Linkle, the script, or a mix of all three was not good. Don't get me wrong, I've heard a LOT worse but it seemed awkward and forced and just made me mute the audio.
-During the interactive portion, you cannot interact with any of the buttons outside of the arrow, the tits, and the credits.
-It may sound nitpicking at this point but the writing for the animation was bad. It just seemed awkward and more of a 'run-down' just to hurry up the scene rather than taking the "plot" anywhere. While this isn't something I really accounted for the overall score, it still felt like another thing pushing me to ignore the opening part of the game, which again, had some pretty damn good art.
-The subtitles had a small but noticeable amount of errors in them; "Because (there) were so close to where I was!" "I noticed how (receptives) they were" and even the FIRST line of the closed captions was off with it saying "Let me tell something!" where it should have been; "Let me tell you something!" Small misses like that can really take away from an interactive story and just take away some credibility against the maker even if most viewers wouldn't even bother to use it.

Overall this animation isn't bad by any means and I can tell there was still some heart and soul put into it, there is plenty of room left for improvement. I really do hope to see more of the author's work in the future and I'm looking forward to whatever they may make next.

Honestly, not bad. Your past work is great but to be honest it seems like a downgrade from your older stuff.
The voice actress seemed to use a pretty amateurish mic (as you can hear a static noise in the background every time you hear an audio clip of her), and the mouth animations seem... off.
May sound greedy with this point, but it was a bit short, with only blowjobs. :(
Otherwise, this is above average lewd animation on Newgrounds so obviously that wont take off too much.

Animation: 1/2
Quality: 2/2
Nudity: 1/2
Audio: 1/2

Final Score: 7/10