Reviews for "Linkle: I'm no longer a farm girl [interactive]"

I don't know if it's me but mute won't work, and it's not good for a porn game.

Edit: I need a explanation there. How do we run turning sound on or off? Clicking on the sound icon does nothing to it... Is it me or is this icon bugged? And what kind of game is that? It's not a game... Everything I have is a female character doing stuff with two guys: is that all there is?

Terrific, not really a game though

the voice acting is really bad. great animation though

Great animation, but weird story.
PD: I love the Skip button, i don't remember the damn name of that guy, but i love how gives you the option.
"Yeaaah! I don't have enought blood in my brain to think about story right now! JUST SKIP IT!" xDDD

It's been one thousand years