Reviews for "Linkle: I'm no longer a farm girl [interactive]"

It was entertaining but not much more In my opinion, Animaton is great.

I agree that it was a bit short but I've seen much longer stuff in newgrounds that is much worst in quality so I'll gladly take quality over length.
Also it has voice acting which is not a minor detail so I really liked it.

oh yes, two at the same time, looks so fun *_*

Majority of the animation was purely story. Voice-work was good and that's about all of my praise for this. The animation while Linkle was talking looks very awkward and is pretty distracting. Mouth movements are bizarrely animated, leading me to believe washa has little experience animating from forward-facing angles. The adult scene itself was very brief and unsatisfying, although the latter is purely my opinion. I've definitely seen better from washa.

Amusing, I will give it that. Hopefully more to come (so to speak)