Reviews for "Linkle: I'm no longer a farm girl [interactive]"

This was so fucking funny and silly lol but the art is meh

Neat inclusion of the Hyrule warriors icons.

Though... the attempt of a "story" was honestly laughable. Like... why even bother? It's just a OOC, generic "to make the porn happen", with no regard for the character or backstory.
Honestly found it a complete waste of time. It doesn't add anything aside from Hyrule warrior icons. If feels forced in, just for the sake of "Well, other porn has a intro story." heck, even calling it a "story" is a bit insulting tbh. Like, she's a cucco farmer. Shoehorning in some "milking" bs just to excuse the cheesy 90's porno logic doesn't help.

This would honestly be a lot better, and have come out a lot faster without the bad intro. And bad in the sense that: It doesn't add anything. The theme of the game is literally made for the people that press to skip it.

Linke in this is created as a cumdump with no needs or self-regard. And has cringy VA to match. Which is good for porn of that nature. But here, you try to play her up as if you got a story to tell, along with copy the game in narrative structure. Raising the bar to have us expect something. Then we just get close to 2 minutes of wasted exposition, to show us exactly the same thing as if it just started straight at the dick sucking: That she is identical in every way to every single cumdump.

To be honest: I don't even know why I am getting worked up over this xD
Okay, deep breath... Look, in short: The main issue is how you tried to hype us this whole thing. And then you deliver... this. It's not bad by any means. It's just, run off the mill. The usual one sided, male focused porn.

It has a nice coat of paint. (the foreskin animation is really amazing)
But other than that, it's just "every other porn done". Its cringy, cliche porn. I don't see why you bothered to go through dressing it up?
It's like... you made the game/animation for one audience, then tried to advertise it to another.
While pretty far from this: The recent Blizzcon debacle comes to mind.

I can also start with: The "Mute" button doesn't work, so you have to click its keybind. (at least it didn't for me, in chrome.) As it starts muted, it feels like that should be something that should work. Plus, it is a bit annoying that only all sound, or no sound can be muted.
The overall graphics are really impressive though. (has a few clipping though)

And, while I dislike that people tear into the VA, I can say: You really misplaced her in this. You have her play a role that just ... doesn't do well imo in this animation.
The whole set-up just... the entire dialogue and exposition is just rather painful. If feels like bad fanfiction. Seriously, a short intro of "I wana become a legendary dicksucker!" would have been over in like, 5 seconds, and made this flow a ton better.

Or heck, even a more comedic "My grandma told me I needed to master the cock to become a successful farmer, so I set out to do just that!" with a "So, did you learn about roosters?" punchline.

Ending felt a bit rushed, and cumshots a little... "off" so to speak.
But yeah... this kinda felt like a demo. Or an intro to something.
It's like you didn't know what you wanted this to be, and ended up being kinda disappointing in both ends. Its like this porn has no idea what it wants to be.

I'd really want to like it more, but it just feels so... "What are you doing?" especially for being such high budget. Seeing it bumble around this much just has me confused.

you shouldve gotten a sexier voice actress, her voice sounds like a hag

It has much potential. Curently it would work as an intro.

"I was born to be a whore!" -She said with unbridled enthusiasm.

I laughed so hard I think I woke up my house.