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Reviews for "Just Passing"

im pretty sure the game is amazing , but i have a bug that my game freeze as soon as i go trought that welcome sign :( , here's the thing : when i go trought the welcome sign my game freezes like 3 seconds after i go trought the welcome sign . but i try to pass it again and it really doesnt freeze but when i want to read the sign that is up to the welcome sign that's where it freezes , well i know i can delete the other things thhat im saying but i dont want to , NVM lets get to the point,i dont know if its actually a bug or if its because im using google chrome but its not went i try to read that sign is really when i walk around that sign like 5 seconds or more , thats when the glich happens . Yay now i can play normally :)

JoelLikesPigs responds:

That’s a weird one - the welcome sign doesn’t really do anything other than sit there - it shouldn’t cause any issues

Could you DM me some details about the glitch like the browser you are using and I’ll try and get the issue fixed

YES! This is the best game I've played on NG so far!

I don't hear the music for some reason??

Ok. So, the game is great. Thanks for your work. (Only 4.5 stars because only one ending.)
Here some suggestions:
1. Don't just give all medals with that ghost. Just don't. You could make him say something like "I found a note. It says: \"If you're missing a medal press up-up-down-down-left-right in the menu.\". It does not make sense to me.".
2. If we are heading to hell at the end it would be cool to make player think that they deserve it. The devil-girl could judge the player. For example she could say something like "there was the crow looking for crops for her children. now they're hungry". Or you could came up with something even worse.)
3. The conductor gave us a ticket, but she didn't take souls from us. (They still in the inventory.) That's weird. (Or is it not?)
4. Now some technical suggestions. I understand that it is probably hard to implement these, so that's fine as it is but I should write them too. It would be nice to have a "fullscreen" option, an ability to change controls and hotkeys for inventory, map and notes.
5. Why do we need pictures and messages?
P.S. By the words "newgrounds version" and "window size" option I suggest there's a downloadable version out there. Where can I download?

JoelLikesPigs responds:

Wow lot's of interesting feedback here, I'm definitely going to keep some in mind for the future. the only difference from the download version is that this one has medals and fullscreen - sadly these options just don't work in HTML5, or at least I couldn't get them to work, a bit of a shame really. That being said the download version isn't available anywhere at the moment - simply because it doesn't really add much.

Also one of your bits of feedback is in now - I just finished added configurable controls

it's eight souls not seven....