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Reviews for "Just Passing"

This was a really pleasant experience. You nailed the mood, and got music to fit it perfectly. This got me attached to minor characters about as much as undertale did. Now for the bad stuff: firstly, I think you should cut the 'phone menu' entirely, replacing it with the inventory alone. Having the whole menu there seemed like a bit much. Secondly, in the inventory, you should have items that are no longer needed be invisible. They only seem to clutter the screen. Other than that, you seem to have everything covered in the 'future updates' area. Over all, this was a very charming way to spend a half hour. I'll be following your work in the future!

JoelLikesPigs responds:

Interesting inspective to the menu - the phone menu is there because I’m going to be adding a quest tracker and GPS

Some people have mentioned getting lost and forgetting what characters need - so the menu updates are there for these people in mind

Still I much appreciate the feedback and thank you for checking out the game

Adorkable! For some reason this game gives me nostalgia :3 . Great work ;) ~ Tho it does get laggy at times when I read the signs :)

Such a nice and relaxing game

Really enjoyed calling the duck on the oversized phone! Great game!

Sweet game, well executed. I like the premise. Looking forward to the sequel.