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Reviews for "Just Passing"


JoelLikesPigs responds:

Thank you! 😊

This game was amazing!!! Such a great and unique idea! Reminded me a bit of Stardew valley and Undertale. I do wish there was some way to get around a bit quicker, but overall fantastic game!!! Can't wait for more!!!!

JoelLikesPigs responds:

Thank you. Undertale's humor is definitely an inspiration here, as for the movement speed - one of the more recent updates added running (holding the X button) though maybe I could add another option to get around faster, any ideas? I'd be happy to hear them - feel free to send me a DM on how to improve my game

pixel art boa em muinto bom gostei

good game but can there be a boy/girl selection.

JoelLikesPigs responds:

Hmm I'm curious about this - it's a lot of work to add in another playable character (and a system in place to select one) would adding a boy/girl option really make the game more enjoyable? Feel free to DM me about this - It seems like a lot of work for an aesthetic thing

Great looking game!

My only problem is that the game glitched.

Just got my second 50$ coin from the lake after buying the sea water and it got rejected and it randomly glitched and i cant move.