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Reviews for "Just Passing"

This game is real cute. I dig the whimsical, surreal vibe, the characters are fun and the gameplay is solid. Great pixel graphics and music as well.

Just a few things, sometimes when I talk to an NPC there'll be a really loud deafening sound, other times there won't be any sound at all. The bus at the beginning of the game is a bit too loud. Also when there's dialogue on-screen, the background music is a little too soft. I wish there was background music playing when you're indoors too, those scenes feel a little empty without it. Sometimes the little notifications on the bottom-right overlap each other. I also thought the ending was a bit anticlimatic, but it seems you have a bigger ending planned.

I hope that didn't sound too nitpicky. I'm still giving this 5 stars since those issues are minor and you seem to still be ironing the game out, so I'm sure the final product will be great. Awesome job!

JoelLikesPigs responds:

Not nit picky at all these are all great pieces of feedback

I developed this at my desk during lunch breaks - so for the majority of the time I had no sound on - sound issues seem to be quite common because I didn’t catch them when making everything

Thanks for bringing these issues up I’ll get to them this week

Got stuck on a giant bird and had to end my game.

5/5 would risk avian glitches again.

JoelLikesPigs responds:

Haha glad you enjoyed it

I’ll see about fixing the birds movement and fix this glitch


JoelLikesPigs responds:

Thank you! 😊

I adored this game! It's so cute and straightforward. Really smooth animations, and I'd love to play a sequel!!

Great game!
The music and art were charming and relaxing.
The game got a few chuckles out of me
Animal crossing vibes galore.
Great job.