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Reviews for "Just Passing"

Agree with Shadooba. I can't get "Flower Power", "One fish Boo fish" and "Ticket To Ride". It's kinda offensively.
Good game though! A little hard, but magical and BOOl with this bad jokes. I like it!

It is a good indie game and everything, but my only problems are that when I beat the game, I didn't get three of the achievements I should have. That might just be me, but I am still wondering about the achievements. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

JoelLikesPigs responds:

Hey - sorry to hear about the achievements - no idea why they seem so flakey and don't always work. They've been tested and only some people have this happen to them - I'll push an update out and see if it fixes it - but it will probably mean going through the game again to grab them

Very fun! I really like the music too. Puts me to sleep in a good calm way.

The only thing I can think to add here is that corn is actually a grain, not a vegetable. Otherwise, it's a delightful little game with entertaining graphics, fun characters, and a neat story. Upbeat music. Great little world to knock around in for a half-hour or so.

The ending did leave me a tad discouraged. Any chance we'll get to save the girl from her fate?

JoelLikesPigs responds:

TIL that corn is a grain - perhaps corn from the spirit realm is a vegetable? Who knows?

As for the fate of the character - I'd like to come back and do something with this little world, but I'm currently short on time and in the middle of making else - maybe after the holidays I'll come back to this.

I like the game, but could you tell me how to turn on the pictures and messages???!!!??

JoelLikesPigs responds:

I haven't got round to making them yet - the plan was/is to have little messages pop up every once in a while explaining the characters fate before they died and creating some more depth to the character - the pictures where planned to be little images of the ghosts after you saved them - kinda like little keepsakes of the adventure