Reviews for "PIANOID"

Oh, this was great! The story has kinda been done before, but this still felt pretty fresh. Animation was pretty nice, and even when it wasn't perfect the rest more than makes up for it. I really like the main character's (though Pianobunny is the real main character) design and attitude. That music at the start is actually really good, too. I liked the subtle stuff, like the girlfriend taking care of the bunny since the very start, and the main character caring more about fame than her. I liked the story, too, I don't wanna be the "society nowadays" guy, but that is basically the case here. Like, I could see Pianobunny and his live performance being a real thing. Love the way girls keep throwing themselves at him (and it's fanservice, so y'know). Like, jeez, the guy went to open the door, you shouldn't have been naked by the time he came back, let alone in the middle of it with the bunny! Anyways, the ending was great, too. The kusic was perfect and epic and that twist was pretty nice. Main character's descent was also highly believable considering his characterization. Those newspaper articles as well, some very slight spelling errors here and there, but very entertaining.
Overall great job, this was great!

Very funny and well narrated! Maybe I miss an animation more polish in some moments, but still a very round work as a short.

Great animation and choice of music!

sad part is thats the way it works now

I love it!, It looks like it's been animated traditionally and it has pretty unique character designs, Fitting sound track and SFX and a smooth artstyle, good job to all those involved!

floozthesnooz responds:

awww thanks!