Reviews for "PIANOID"

This is amazing, great work!

Cutiness + nudity. Best recipe to get attantion on the portal.

floozthesnooz responds:

muhaha it's the secret recipe...well not as secret tho xD

I liked this a lot. The best part was probably the reveal in the middle. It was nice to see a rabbit do something scandalous. They're not so innocent. It helps that the animation is gorgeous. We need more stuff like this.

The ending's great too. It's set up well. I used to play the piano. It's a shame I remember mostly nothing. Well, it can't be that glorious anyway.

Dude this was pretty funny. You took the concept of jealousy and conflict between the main character and his rabbit, and managed to retell the story in a newer fashion. Before it would be " wo had the better restaurant and each would catch the commercial on T.V. and freak out. Or on the radio if youd go a few years even further back... Now with Social media, its easy and about as fast ( at least it feels that way) Good job retelling the story! Haha

This is really witty. And very nice animation by the way